Samuel Birmingham


Sam is now on his placement year running the mocap studio, but is a student on the  BA (Hons) Film Production. Originally from Essex he also has an interest in game development and animation. He was first introduced to motion capture during a work experience placement at Lionhead Game Studios.


Although Sam is primarily interested in documentary film-making he is eager to get involved with mocap for its applications for feature films, he also won’t turn down the opportunity to put on the suit and prance around the studio as an actor.


Vritika Amarnani


Vritika has now completed her placement year working as a MOCAP technician and running the MOCAP facility in the University Of Portsmouth. She has returned to her studies on BSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects and is focused on the development of VFX and programming for Computer Animation. In terms of programming she has done a basic course in C and C++ and has done various plugins for Maya using Python.


She is strongly motivated to become a technical director for visual effects and has been working on her own projects using the software Houdini. Regardless, she is eager to learn about MOCAP specially on the technical side of it and how it could be combined with VFX.



Rogan Shelton


Rogan is a final year student studying BSc (HONS) in Computer Animation and Visual Effects.  He moved from Cornwall to Portsmouth to continue his goal to work in the Films and Games Industry. In his spare time he enjoys experimenting with modelling, animating, visual effects, lighting and rendering using  a variety of creative software, just for the fun of it.


Rogan believes that Motion Capture is a vital component in the Creative Industries.  He is glad that he has the opportunity to be part of the MOCAP Studio team so that he can learn new techniques, software  and gain some behind the scenes experience which will enhance his understanding  of Motion Capture.


Michael West


Michael is a spirited & well-mannered person who isn't afraid to get stuck into any project or activity and give it all he's got. He always aims to bring the best out in others and help where he can, trying to spread joy and fun through everything he does and says


Anthony Alcanar


Anthony is a third year Bsc Computer Animation and Visual Effects student. He is on his way to become a specialist in rigging which is a step closer to his bigger goal, to be a generalist. He aims to acknowledge every difficulty he encounters as a fundamental learning curve. This is reinforced by his quote of the day which is "Improvise, Adapt, overcome."

He loves the fantasy genre where he can be as creative as he can. He also loves dogs, specially corgis.

When he's not in uni, he spends his time running First Aid Society where he teaches first aid knowledge to other students.


Mirela Bujoreanu


Mirela is a final year BSc Computer Animation student and a future character rigger. She became passionate about rigging since she discovered the path in the second year of university.  Her aim is to get into the film industry, once she will get enough experience, and spread some magic into the 3D world.


Being dedicated to the technical side brought her a great interest in Motion Capture, hence she decided to join the MOCAP team at the University of Portsmouth and learn the steps of recording motion capture data. Her current goal is to make the best of this opportunity.


Connor Shellis


Connor is a second year BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology student from Plymouth. Connor is passionate about animation for games and hopes his role at the Motion Capture Suite will be beneficial as work experience and help in future endeavours.


Connor spent the last 2 years completing a BTEC Game Design course, during his second year a team of people including him worked on a game for a local company to use as advertisement at a community event in the Plymouth Guildhall. The project was well received by the company and the members of the public that played it. Connor is looking forward to learning more about Motion Capture and gain experience in working in a professional situation.



Former Team Members

Georgie Phimister


Georgie is on a placement year during her BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology student from the West Midlands. She studied Japanese Grade 1 in her first year and continues this in her own time.


In her own time, Georgie is a professional bagpiper and enjoys drawing; you can find her art work here:


In the future she hopes to work within the video games industry


Visit her website to see more of her work

Matthew Murdoch


Matthew is currently a third year enrolled in BSc Computer Animation, he came to Portsmouth from Ipswich where he studied a CTEC in Creative Media. In his previous course Matthew was part of a team that raised money for charity in a games jam. He is now working towards getting a First in Computer Animation and focusing on 3D modelling and Animation. Matthew aims to work in the games industry as he is very passionate about games.



Emil Nidal


Emil has now started working as a Technical Artist at IKINEMA having completed his studies, BSc (Hons) Entertainment Technology, in 2018. For his final year project he is working for the Stina & the Wolf film project previsualisation pipeline in Maya. His primary focuses are Rigging, Animation pipeline and Virtual Production tools.


Prior to this he did a placement year running the Mocap facility during which he worked on external R&D VR projects with real-time Mocap.


Joe Ponsford


Joe is now working as Mocap Tech Animator at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

He was the placement student during 2016, running the studio, during which time he helped run a shoot in Norway, Captured Sir Simon Rattle and brought in students from across the University from various Sports and Activity clubs. He has returned to his studies on the BSc (Hons) Computer Animation course where he is on target to achieve a first, but continues to be part of our team.


Joe's interest in animation developed when he was first introduced to Adobe Flash at secondary school. After developing a great understanding of the software, he managed to gain work experience at Complete Control a Bafta award winning 2D animation company. After a successful week he was invited back during the summer, where he worked as a concept artist producing designs for various child interactive media such as 'The Wimpy Kid'.

After joining University, Joe joined Stina & the Wolf as an environment artist and has since gone on to produce a number of assets.

Scott Richards


Scott completed his MSc Computer Animation studies in September 2016. Having previously completed the BSc Computer Animation course while working on Stina & the Wolf as a Technical Director (TD). He focused his Master's on pipeline tools for rigging and character setup using Fabric Engine. Programming has always been one of his strongest skills and he joined the to team aid in developing and improving the existing pipelines and software tools.


Scott is a highly motivated individual who now working in the Film and VFX industry as a Software Developer for 3D Applications at MPC . His work in the Mocap Studio, along with his Master's work, has allow him to achieve this.


Sunny (Varun) Dave


Varun has now completed his Bsc (Hons) Computer Animation, He was born in India and has lived in various places around the world. He finished his secondary schooling in Qatar and is involved in co-hosting events such as Red Bull BC One and World B Boy Classic in the Middle East.


Varun is very fond of Animation as a career path and wishes to seek a bright future in it. He is our newest and freshest team member and is very passionate in learning our ways. Due to his fond inspiration for animation Varun decided to apply for this Motion Capture job as it would help him in sharpening his skill sets and become better at what he hopes to achieve in the future. He currently enjoys the company of his fellow colleagues and considers Motion Capture to be one of the leading sectors in the future. He considers his Mother and Father to be his main inspirations in life, " My parents never stopped me from doing what I love, they always took my hand and guided me and yes I know they have sacrificed a lot for me and for that I am very thankful to them and hope to repay the debt someday by making them proud".


He also has been Break & Street dancing since he was 6 and currently owns Step N' Groove Dance Company in Qatar where his family currently lives. This has lead to him currently working on a small trailer regarding the history of Hip Hop called "Breakdown" and is incorporating a large part of Motion Capture in it, he personally thinks that the end result would be " Sick ", he is also currently working on further developing his skills in areas such as modelling, vfx , animating & scripting so as to apply them to Motion Capture.

Katie Davies


Katie Davies from Weston-Super-Mare graduated with a BA (Hons) Animation. She completed her course in 2016 which included a year running the studio for her placement year in industry. We are delighted to say that she is now working for Vicon as a motion capture engineer.


Katie is very passionate about animation and she hopes this role in the Motion Capture Suite will provide valuable work experience and enhance her future work prospects. Katie is a very friendly and approachable person and this coupled with her existing knowledge of the University and understanding of students makes her an asset to the team. She is looking forward to broadening her knowledge in this field and gaining experience in this professional environment.


Ben Sadler


Ben Sadler has successfully completed a BSc in Computer Games Technology and has also completed his MSc in Computer Animation, building an entire Masters round the utilisation of motion capture in emergent technologies. He has used his prior knowledge of martial combat to help build and design a protocol specifically for the capture of historically accurate motion capture.


When asked about the course, Ben says, "it's was a fantastic opportunity to see the complete process of creating characters for games and film, from concept art all the way through to a walking animated model, with diffuse, texture, normal maps, etc. It's the most satisfying feel when you can see the finished product, actually working".



George Sears


After George completed his very successful placement year where he was running the Mocap studio (2014), he entered his final year of study on the BSc Computer Animation course. This is now completed and he is working for 'The Imaginarium Studios' as Unreal Technical Artist. During his time with us he further developed our abilities with Motionbuilder and created additional asset for us to use in demos' and production pipelines.



Dan Baybutt


Dan has now completed his BSc (Hons) Computer Animation course (2015) and worked for 'The Imaginarium Studios' for two years. He is now working for Centroid.



Raquel Stokes (nee Moreira)


Raquel Moreira was born in Lisbon on the 28th of March 1991 and later moved to Tomar where she finished College.


In Portugal she forms part of a freelance production team working as an editor, compositor, producer and first assistant. Ent( r)e is her first Short-film, released in late March 2013.

In 2011 she was accepted into the 2nd year at University of Portsmouth on the BSc (Hons) Computer Animation.

Raquel has now graduated and looking to become a Digital Compositor for films.


Film trailer

Krisztian Kinder


Krisztian (born November 5, 1988) Graduated in 2013 with a degree in Bsc Computer Animation. After finishing Secondary School in Hungary, he decided to continue his studies at the University of Portsmouth on the Computer Animation course as there were no relevant studies in Hungary.

In the second year he started to work as a motion capture technician at the University`s Motion Capture Studio. He learned the basics of Motion Capture through university projects and decided to specialise in this area.

He was first involved in The Stina and The Wolf project as a creatures TD but in his third year, he shifted to the Motion Capture department and concentrated only on processing the recorded performance capture takes.

In 2012, Krisztian was invited to the London based 'The Imaginarium Studios' for a two months summer internship, where he gained invaluable industry experience while he was working on a AAA game title. He was asked back to 'The Imaginarium' in November (2012) for a 2 weeks project where he continued working on the AAA game title and worked on the latest video clip of The Foals - My number.

Impressed by the facial performance techniques of Avatar and The Hobbit: An unexpected

Journey, he focused his dissertation on the investigation of current facial capture techniques and their application on facial systems. This has helped him to gain industry connections and a great understanding of facial capture techniques used in current production today.




Kris is now a Motion Capture Specialist at Digic Pictures where he was one of the team behind "Assassin's Creed Unity E3 2014 World Premiere Cinematic Trailer" and has since gone on to work on many well known titles.

Luke J Armstrong


Luke J Armstrong worked in the mocap suite 2010/2011. Throughout his time as a student his aim was to develop all the skills he could in order to become a film creator/director. Since graduating he has worked for Cinecite, MPC, and Framestore.



Luke has worked for Cinecite, MPC and currently working for Double Negative . He is also founder and Film director of Inspired Pictures; Directing shorts, commercials & features. Projects include 'Jake' [short] 2012, and 'Another Class' [short] 2011, as well as freelance work for clients including Thames Valley Police, NHS, Republic Clothes and Coca Cola.




You can find out more about Luke at

Lewis Cranfield


Lewis Cranfield (born January 8th 1992) graduated in 2013 with a degree in Bsc Computer Games Technology student. It was in his second year that he started to work at the University's Motion Capture Studio as a Motion Capture Technician where he learned the basics of Motion Capture.


During the Summer of 2012, Lewis was one of five students who had the opportunity to work on a two month internship at The Imaginarium Studios; Andy Serkis' Motion Capture Studio, where he contributed his skills towards a AAA video game title, obtaining valuable knowledge industry experience in both Motion Capture and game development.


Lewis followed the art and animation route during his time at university, where he learnt how to produce 3D models and assets from start to finish ready for a video game.


Lewis is now currently Full QA Tester at Frontier Developments


Ben Vere


Ben Vere (born September 14th 1991) is a graduate of BSc Computer Games Technology. In his first year he started to work at the University's Motion Capture Studio as a Motion Capture Technician where he learned the basics of Motion Capture. During the summer he participated in the onset experience of his first production shoot with a range of over 8 cast member. As part of this, he was instrumental in moving the Motion Capture Studio to a temporary location for Stina and the Wolf.


In his second year, he became the lead technician where he tutored the new members of the team in the art of Motion Capture and also managing shift patterns for the team. During the Summer of 2012, Ben was one of five students who had the opportunity to work a two month internship at The Imaginarium Studios. He contributed his skills towards a AAA video game title; obtaining valuable knowledge and industry experience in both Motion Capture and game development.


Ben followed the programming route during his time at university, where he learnt a range of skills including modelling and various programming languages. He is currently working at Zoonou Limited as a software tester.

James Hood & Laura Millar


James Hood & Laura Millar were also part of the mocap team until they graduated in 2013 with degrees in BSc (HONS) Computer Animation.

James is working at Moving Picture Company (MPC) as Lead Rigging TD.


Laura is a Motion Capture TD at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) having worked at Audiomotion Studios, Quantic Dream & Bohemia Interactive


Geoff Samuel


Geoff Samuel was one of the original team members in 2007, as a first year computer animation student, and was responsible for creating the original motion capture pipeline and tools (Bippy). Geoff also won the prestigious Autodesk student prize (Best Use of an Autodesk Product in a Final Year Project) in 2009.


Since then Geoff has worked across TV, Games and Feature Film projects such as ‘Killzone 2’ (2007), the Oscar winning ‘Life of Pi’ (2012), ‘Man of Steel’ (2013) and ‘World War Z’ (2013).


Geoff also worked at Weta Digital, in New Zealand, as a Motion Capture Pipeline Developer where he developed core tools for the motion edit department to use. He recieved a film credit for 'Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug'. Geoff has worked at Audiomotion, Eurocom and The Moving Picture Company (MPC) London. His IMDB page is here


Since Dec 2014, Geoff has been working for Rockstar Games as a Technical Animator

Peter Thorneycroft


Since leaving university Pete has been working short term contracts, Initially he started off in children's television, and worked on two series (Gaspard & Lisa, and The Adventures of Abney & Teal) as well as having the opportunity to develop a pilot of his own series idea for the studio he was working at. After that he then moved into computer games: secured his first computer games job because of his mocap experience and rigging knowledge. As part of a small team he was responsible for maintaining rigs, skinning and cleaning mocap. On the back of this he joined a start up studio as a character animator, and managed the animation team. More recently he has returned back to Zoe Mode and is working in After Effects and using markerless mocap.


Pete is currently Lead Animator for Waterproof Studios, Vancouver.


Personal Website

Alain Mehmet


Alain joined the University in 2008 and worked in the mocap suite for all 3 years he was studying. In the second and 3rd year he helped newcomers get to grips with the software etc. In his 3rd year he decided to specialise in Architecture Visualisation mainly in the creation of still images.


Alain worked at Foster + Partners' London office as part of an in house Visualisation team creating still images and occasionally animations of our projects for client presentations, planning and for press.


He created images for several high profile projects including New York Public Library Renovation,

Lunar Habitation modules, Grand Central Station, Apple HQ, Kuwait international airport, Canary Wharf Crossrail and Hampton House in Lambeth.


Alain is currently Head of Architectural Visualisation for River Film

Maksim Mitrofanov


Having been lucky enough to get a position at the MoCap studio during his first year on the BSc Computer Games Technology course, Maksim remained a member of the core team all the way through to his graduation in 2010. During that time, he gained valuable experience in the field of computer animation, and enjoyed an extended opportunity to work with hardware and software not normally available to anyone outside of the industry.


Through his connections with other staff members, Maksim was able to join Fishbowl Interactive, a group of students that successfully participated in the final stage of Dare to be Digital 2008. Later on, he lent a hand to the development of the critically-acclaimed Half-Life mod Korsakovia.




Upon graduating, Maksim was offered a place at Stainless Games, where he remained a programmer until 2015. Max now works for as a tools programmer.

If you are interested in finding out more about our facilities please email your enquiries to the team at  Tel: