Step 1


Check the calender for existing bookings:

(If nothing appears below please use a different browser)

Step 2


Email us to request a booking.


Please include the following in your email:


- The date and time of the session you require.


- Additional contact details, such as phone numbers and alternate email addresses.


- Any additional information we may need for your session. Please include information about any props or set that may be required.


When a session booking is requested you will receive a reply from the team which will include a 'Shot List' form which must be filled out and returned in advance. This form will give us a breakdown of the number of shots that you require to be captured, and allow us to plan in advance. The shot list should contain information on ALL motions that you will require on the day.


PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to provide an actor/actress for your shoot. If you cannot find someone we may be able to help, but please do not rely on this.


Our team will assess your requirements and reply with any suggestions or queries regarding your shoot.


If you are interested in finding out more about our facilities please email your enquiries to the team at  Tel: